Microsoft Office Help – Creating a Table of Contents

Microsoft Word has a great feature, which automatically creates a table of contents (TOC), using the headings styles, in your document or from a document outline.
Before we get started, make sure your document is formatted with heading styles. Microsoft Word uses the heading styles to determine the level of its appearance in the table of contents. E.g. Heading 1 would be the main topic or section, Heading 2 could represent article titles within the section and Heading 3 could represent sub-articles in the section.
Here are the simple steps for making a Table of Contents (TOC) from your Word document.
Position your cursor where you would like your TOC to appear.
From the menu, click Insert / Reference / Index and Tables.
From the Index and Tables dialog box, select the Table of Contents tab.
From the General section, select pre-defined styles Formats.
Choose the number of levels, you would like to display in your TOC by making changes in the Show levels box.
Other options available are Show page numbers, which allows you to display or omit the page numbers in your TOC (The default for this option is set to yes) and Right align page numbers, which allows you to right-align the page numbers and avoiding a jagged edge look. (The default for this option is set to yes)
The Tab leader option controls the appearance of the space between the end of the title and the page number.
That’s it, click OK, and you’re done.
Need to update your table of contents?
If you make changes to your document, you will need to update the table of contents. No worries, simply right click anywhere on your table on contents, select Update Field and then from the dialog box choose whether to update page numbers only or to update the entire table and click OK. Your table will automatically update.
To delete, select or highlight the entire table and press the Delete key.

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