Do’s and Don’ts During Microsoft Office Outlook to Notes Migration – If due to certain reasons, you are contemplating upon changing your email application from Microsoft Outlook to Lotus Notes, then converting PST files to NSF files will prevent you from losing access to your old Outlook email data and you will be able to access it in Lotus Notes NSF files after conversion. This conversion can be performed using a 3rd party PST to NSF conversion tool.
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Do’s and Don’ts during Outlook to Notes Migration: If you have decided to convert Outlook to Lotus Notes using a third-party conversion tool, then there are certain things that you should keep in mind to perform the conversion process in a proper way. There are some do’s and don’ts that help you perform Outlook PST to Notes NSF migration process in a perfect, accurate and appropriate manner. Some of the most helpful do’s and don’ts during MS Outlook to Lotus Notes migration are as follows.

Do’s during Outlook to Notes Migration

• Do Install Microsoft Outlook email application on the machine where the PST to NSF conversion has to be carried out
To configure Microsoft Outlook with POP3 account settings.
• Do export the mailbox to PST from Outlook itself if Outlook is configured with Exchange. Use File -> Export -> Outlook PST file, and then, convert the exported PST to NSF format.
• Do install IBM Lotus Notes email application on the machine where the PST to NSF conversion has to be carried out.
• Do copy all Outlook PST files to be converted on the machine where the conversion has to be carried out.
• To remove the password if the PST file is password protected. To remove the password from the PST file and then begin with the conversion process.

Don’ts during Outlook to Notes Migration

• Don’t connect to Exchange Server during the PST to Notes conversion
• Don’t work on same PST file in use during the Outlook to NSF conversion
• Don’t convert those PST files, which are stored on the network shares, as it may delay the Outlook PST to Lotus Notes conversion process and may even lead to email data loss
Following these do’s and don’ts, you can witness flawless messaging platform migration from Microsoft Outlook to Notes.

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