Fix Microsoft Office Failed to Load Hlink Dll in Powerpoint – Part of Microsoft Office, Powerpoint is a popular application that enables you to create presentations. Powerpoint consists of various slides or pages that may contain text, graphics, audio, video, and more.
At times, when Powerpoint fails to load certain DLLs or Dynamic-link library files, it may come across corruption.
Corruption in the powerpoint file leads to inaccessibility of data stored in it. To avoid data loss, you need to maintain a valid and updated data backup. But, if you fail to maintain a backup and data loss occurs, then Powerpoint Recovery solutions will enable you to retrieve and restore the data effectively from the corrupted Powerpoint file.
For instance – Sometimes, when you try to view a Powerpoint file, you encounter one or both of the error messages given below:
Microsoft PowerPoint “can’t be loaded.
Microsoft PowerPoint failed to load “.
After the occurrence of the above error message, you fail to access the Powerpoint file and ultimately the data becomes inaccessible.
The main cause of the above error message is the missing or damaged file. This happens because Powerpoint requires a file to load a presentation. But, when this file is not found or damaged, then the Powerpoint presentation cannot be loaded.
To resolve these issues, you need to delete the file on the hard disk and replace it. The file is stored on the Microsoft Windows CD, and it can be installed from Microsoft Internet Explorer. To replace the file, consider the following measures:
Re-install Internet Explorer.
Extract the file.
In most cases, these measures help you in resolving the above issues. However, if the problem persists, then you need to use an efficient Powerpoint Repair software to Repair ppt file. Such applications incorporate advanced scanning mechanisms to resolve all the corruption issues in Powerpoint. Built with intuitive user-interface, these utilities are user-friendly, so that anyone can use them without having any prior technical understanding.

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