Microsoft Office PowerPoint File Corrupted -How to Repair It? – PowerPoint is a part of Microsoft Office suite and it is commonly used as a presentation tool. The application tool helps us to prepare presentation files which may be based on education, business or any other purposes. We can not only make a presentation file by using text and figures but also we can add something more in it. Tables, charts, pictures, album, animation, multimedia objects, background, etc. are some objects which can be added to make the presentation file more impressive and appealing.

Generally, to complete a presentation file it takes several hours and lots of hard work too. And sometimes it could be taken more time if we are preparing a big file. But just think about this situation when we open a Pptx file in our system to view or make some modification but we can’t do so even we can’t open the file. And instead of all this, we receive some unexpected but strange errors saying the file is corrupt or something like that.
Behind any specific problem, there are various causes which create it (problem). And when a PowerPoint file gets corrupted or damaged there could be a number of causes behind this corruption, such as:

Viruses: Virus can infect the whole system and due to virus-attack the files could be deleted or become corrupted. It is one of the most common reasons behind all the corruption of all file types. No file can be escaped from virus attack but viruses can be removed through the anti-virus program. We must use an updated anti-virus program and regularly scan the system. System crashes: If our system suddenly crashes down when we are using a particular file the file could be lost or gone corrupted. Bad sectors on the hard drive: Sometimes a bad sector in our system hard drive could be the reason for file corruption. Having a bad sector in hard drive computer could save the file inside it and hence the file could be lost or damaged. Good maintenance of system hard drive and regular checkup is mainly required. Incomplete file saving process: While saving a file if suddenly the system turns off or if we close the file before it gets properly saved the file could be lost or corrupted. Or if we use this option “Allow Fast Save” to save the file. By performing this action the file could be lost as sometimes the file is not saved properly. We must avoid this. Improper termination of the application: While working on the MS PowerPoint program if we close it improperly or forcefully then the file which is opened could be lost or damaged. This must be avoided. We must take care that the opened file has been saved properly before the termination of the application. Abruptly system shutdown: Sometimes we turn off our system improperly from the main switch instead of performing Windows shut down the processor sometimes a sudden power outage turns off the system. In this situation, the files and the drives inside the system could be damaged. We must turn off our system properly and must use a UPS device to prevent the situation of sudden system power outage. Software malfunction: The malfunction in software programs which are saved in our system can damage the files. Sometimes the software programs collide with each other and could damage them. And this collision occurs by using bad and poor quality software programs. Those kinds of programs must be avoided.

In the situation when a PowerPoint file gets corrupted we can use a valid and updated backup. A backup file should be valid, i.e. it shouldn’t be corrupted and it must be updated regularly. If the backup file what we have contains the backup copies of corrupt PowerPoint files then we can restore them from it. But if the backup file doesn’t have the copies of those corrupt files or if it is unable to be opened due to corruption then that time we need to think about some third-party recovery tools.
Microsoft PowerPoint Pptx Recovery is an advanced solution to recover data from corrupt files of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 and 2016. By employing this utility all the data will be recovered very safely from corrupt Pptx files in just no more time. But however, we should check the thing before we buy it. This tool is available with a free demo version that must be considered by all of us before going for its full version. This tool is an outstanding piece of software that has been designed for non-technical users. With a self-explanatory interface, this tool becomes a requisite application for all those users who regularly work in MS PowerPoint and often face corruption.

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