Microsoft Office Project – The Most Indispensable Software

Since the launch of the first version of Microsoft Project in 1984 by a company working for Microsoft, users have seen a revolution in project management software. The release of the 2019 version, Microsoft Projects 2019, has improved its interface like never before. This version did not only develop its interface’s artistic value but it is also designed to give you more control over your projects. The significance of Microsoft Projects 2019 is that its tools and commands can be personalized. You can group commands you wish to use on their own ribbon tab. With its ‘Backstage’ feature that contains essential commands which were obtainable in the File menu in the earlier versions, you can open, save and print your files effortlessly. Just one ‘click’ and command list would be instantly viewed in Microsoft Projects 2019 with the help of Quick Command search. Thus, if you are rushing a project or time is really of great factor, Microsoft Projects 2019 can help you save time.

To keep details, notes, and data together in one place, one of the best programs you should have is One Note Microsoft. The core potency of One Note Microsoft is its ability to help you get and stay organized. You will love to know that with One Note you can store, tag and manipulate just about anything, such as pictures, text, digital handwriting and even voice. One Note Microsoft synchs with mobile devices so that you can access One Note from anywhere. Besides these features, One Note Microsoft has an influential search function that allows you to find what you need quickly and painlessly. Other features include automatic save and back up of your notes, necessary calculator utilities, ability to create drawings and tables, insert files as printouts, and the facility to attach files to your notes, etc.

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