Microsoft Ofice Word Computer Course

If you work in an office environment then chances are you will be using a word processor at some stage. There are a few on the market, but Microsoft Word is still the most popular. A thorough Microsoft Word computer course can get you started in the basics.
So what exactly is a word processor? A word processor is used for typing letters and documents. They have now become so powerful that they can also be used as a desktop publisher.

Once Microsoft Word is loaded you can start to construct your document. You have the ability to color your text, bold it, re-position it on screen, set margins of the document, etc. The new version even allows you to translate the document into another language. Any typing errors you make are underlined in red and you simply right-click the word to correct it with one of the options given. buy word at

When you have finished the document you may want to do a complete spell and grammar check. This is easily done with one click of the mouse. When learning on the Microsoft Word computer course you may cover adding a header and footer to the document or even a table of contents. These add nice touches to enhance the look and feel of the document.

You can also add a bullet point to emphasize important elements of your document. Word now comes with a number of themes that are useful for adding consistency and flair to your document. A theme will have its own set of fonts and colors associated with it.

Perhaps you want to add a security stamp to your document to protect it from being copied. That is easily done by using the watermark feature.
Page numbering is a nice feature to use and this feature should be covered on a Microsoft Word computer course.. You can add page numbering using a variety of available options.

Word allows you to save your document as a PDF file. Many people find this feature useful as it prevents someone from editing your work. When you look at the new backstage feature you will be introduced to saving the document as a PDF file.
You can also create mailing labels for envelopes or even merge these with a contact list from another application. For example, you could merge a letter with contacts held in an MS Access database and use these contact addresses on the mailing labels.
Learning to use a word processor is a worthwhile skill to have and will enhance your job resume.