Microsoft Project Training Tips – Are You Still Using Excel

Many managers and supervisors involved in projects understand the task that needs to be done. But the coordination of the team and the assignment of responsibilities for tasks is where they lose efficiency. It is common for managers to use Microsoft Excel to list all the tasks they need to do. However, when they are tracking, they run into difficulty and the limitations of Excel become obvious. Furthermore, Excel does not give the ability to analyse your resource allocations. After you learn the best-practice methods taught in Microsoft Project Training, you will discover the power Microsoft Project will play in your project management role.
The major advantages of using Microsoft Project over Excel are:-
It wins you jobs
If you submit a tender response that contains a glossy brochure about your company and your people, and back this up with a program that consists of an Excel spreadsheet with blocked-out coloured cells, your ability to plan and manage in the eyes of a tender evaluation panel will be less than a competing response that is complemented by a professional Gantt Chart program.
It gets you organised.
Have you ever had a tradesman turn up before you are ready for them because other trades had taken longer than expected? Perhaps you were unable to determine early enough when you needed the next trade. This is a classic failure of a scheduling system that uses Microsoft Excel. Whereas with Microsoft Project, the impact on successive tasks of a delay can be immediately determined.
It gets you results.
By correctly updating your progress in Microsoft Project, the impact on the remaining tasks is immediately obvious supplying you with a new start and finish date for the remaining tasks and a new project finish date. This immediately shows you if your program will result in your finish date going beyond your contract finish date and allows you to identify “the size of the problem”. This clarity allows you then to analyze your program to find a solution. With Excel, there are no predecessor relationships between tasks and therefore any issues on site and their impact on your program and end date are not immediately obvious.
The major advantages of Microsoft Project over Excel are the functionality that comes with software developed for the purpose of planning and managing projects. Your project management experience can be greatly enhanced by getting effective Microsoft Project Training.

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