What is Microsoft Word? – Basics, Uses and Features

Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processor on the market and, despite its name, is just as much a part of the Microsoft business as Microsoft Office. There are a number of text file formats that come to mind, including the current legacy version Microsoft Word, which dates back to Office 97. The Docx format is the same as the format for text documents, but there are many other formats, such as PDF (PDF Document Format) and PDFX (Docx Format). 

Open a Microsoft Word document and edit it in your browser, mobile app, or desktop using the free MS Word app. You can also use it on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which allow you to view, edit and delete Word files directly from your browser or mobile apps. Open, delete, copy, paste, edit or delete Microsoft Word documents in the browser.

OpenOffice Writer includes many advanced features of Microsoft Word, so editing complex Word documents are no problem. If you want to insert content from Microsoft Word, you can do so by selecting the content of an MS Word document and pasting it directly into the editor of WordPress. 

If you want a word processor that works the same way – packed like Word but not paying the premium – check out WPS Office Writer. One of the biggest advantages of Word Online is its formatting. When you create a document in Word online and then import it into your local version of Microsoft Word, the document maintains the formatting as if it were created in Google Docs. You can open the file you are working on in the desktop version by clicking “Edit,” but there is no way that the table of contents will find its way into the online version of Word. If you only want to have the ability to create simple documents consisting of a numbered list, you will need to buy Microsoft Word. 

If you temporarily need the full version of Microsoft Word on your PC or Mac for free, you can purchase a trial subscription to Office 365. If the trial version is not enough for you because you are a student who needs it all year round, you should know that Microsoft offers Office365 for students and faculty free of charge. 

If you are looking for a free way to use Microsoft Word, you can use any Microsoft Office program online, including Word, without paying a penny to Microsoft. You can also use all Microsoft Office programs online with Microsoft – approved programs without having to pay for them. If you use it for free on your Android or iOS device, you can install the official Microsoft Word app on Windows/Mac from www.office.com/setup

If you ever need an offline version of MS Word, you can create a brand new Word document online and edit it to save it to your OneDrive account. You can upload the new document to your computer and use it as a backup of your Word documents so you don’t have to upload it again. All you had to do was create your Microsoft account with your working email address, and it doesn’t even have that as long as it’s a Microsoft email address. 

Although it is not as powerful as its paid counterpart, the free MS Word Web app allows you to open, create and edit Word documents online. WPS Office Writer does most things like Microsoft Word, but it includes native cloud support that makes storing your document online a breeze. However, there is a lack of real-time collaboration; you cannot work with your friends on the same documents in real-time, even though there is a free version. There are a number of paid versions of this software that add additional features.

Once you have completed your trial period, you must ensure that you maintain the full version, which you will have to pay when you pay the premium for the traditional purchase – once license. You can also buy Word for free, although there is no guarantee that you can transfer it to an alternative word processor, in which case you will still not be able to open and edit your existing Word documents. Because there are no guarantees that Word will change from a free version to a paid version – for the full version. 

Whether you want to open a Word document, edit one, or just view one document or both, these free Microsoft Word tools are exactly what you need. If you are looking for a free and easy-to-use alternative word processor for your computer, there are many if you have a Microsoft Word alternative installed locally. Whether you want to do your next writing project or just for fun, things don’t sound like they’re done with Microsoft Word, but you need it.