How to reduce junk mail in Microsoft office Outlook

Handling junk mail in your Outlook account on a day to day basis can often get quite annoying if the user receives plenty of spam. People receive all kinds of mails on their junk mail folder, which may include spam, adult content emails, scam messages and so on.
At the same it is also possible that the user might receive a few important emails from acquaintances as well, who do not feature on your contact list and then it is always advisable for the user to go through the junk mail folder before he clears it so that the important messages are not lost in the process.

Hence, from time to time the process can be a little tedious as the user might have to surf through a large volume of emails. However, Microsoft Outlook comes with many options where you can add several of the filters that would effectively have a bearing on the volume of junk e-mails you receive.
Here are a few important tips to help you reduce your junk mail in your MS Outlook account:-
The process of reducing junk mail on your Outlook account start by adding filters. Predominantly Outlook offers four types of filters for the user to choose from. To reach them click on Tools & Options and then go to the preferences tab where you can click on Junk E-Mail.

No Automatic Filtering: These pertain to all the emails sent by people, who have been blocked by the user. As a result, the mails would come to the junk mail folder and not in the inbox.
Low: This option uses predefined filter levels to scan and sift through the emails that may ideally be spam. It is not possible for the user to make additional filter criteria to strengthen the filtering process, but the user can create his or her own custom junk e-mail rules with additional criteria’s that may help reduce the influx of unwanted emails.
High: This also uses the same filter levels of the former, but comes with additional scanning properties that help determine if the emails received may be spam or otherwise. At the same time, the user does not have control over the scanning process if this option is chosen. Instead, it is advisable for the user to use this option to reroute emails to the junk folder rather than using it for deletion. This is because even though Outlook spam filters work very well there is always a possibility of the user losing out on a few expected and important emails.

Safe Lists Only: This an extreme form of filter, which may be useful for people who prefer receiving emails only from those on their safe contact lists. As a result, the filters would block all other mails and would be treated as junk mail. Hence, it is always possible that you might miss out on a few mails that you might have expected, but didn’t reach your inbox because of the filters. At the same time if the user were to use this feature make sure to enable routing all unwanted emails to your junk mail so that the user can periodically scan them to check for any important messages.

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