Tips on How to Put a YouTube Video in Microsoft office PowerPoint

Many professionals are required to conduct presentations about their company to prospective clients. Adding YouTube videos related to the company will certainly make presentations become more effective. First, you have to find out whether the conference room has an Internet connection. Here are some tips on how to put YouTube video in PowerPoint if the room offers access to the Internet.

PowerPoint 2019
First, click on the Office icon located at the top left corner of the PowerPoint taskbar. Next, you have to click on PowerPoint Options. Make sure you enable the Developer menu by checking the box close to the Show Developer in the ribbon option which can be found on the Popular tab. Click Ok.
Next, click on the Developer tab and choose the More Control button. You will be offered a list of controls and you have to select Shockwave Flash Object. Click Ok. Next, make use of the mouse to draw a box on the slide where you wish to insert the YouTube video. As soon as you have created the box, right-click the box and select Properties. You are almost done learning how to put YouTube video in PowerPoint 2019.

How to Put YouTube Video in PowerPoint 2016 and Other Earlier Versions
If you are using an older version of PowerPoint, the required steps on how to put YouTube video to PowerPoint will be slightly different. Remember that these instructions discussed earlier only works if your computer is connected to the Internet. If you don’t have Internet access in the conference room, then you will have to download the YouTube video to your computer and convert the file format to flv. Furthermore, before you download a video you have to ask permission from the copyright holder. All YouTube videos are copyrighted.

Finally, go back to the YouTube page where you have the video you want to embed, select and copy the URL provided in the sharing area and paste it in the Property Page which showed up after you clicked on Properties. Look for the box called Movie and paste it in. You have to modify the URL to make it work in your presentation. Replace the watch?v= which is typically found at the end of the URL with the characters v/. After these modifications, close the Properties box and you are done. You can also hire professional video and PowerPoint services to help.

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