What is Microsoft Powerpoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is an Electronic Presentation program that helps people present Information using a collection of Slides. It is used to Create Visual Presentations comprised of Individual Slides. It is used to make presentations for Professional and Personal Purposes. It is commonly used by Business people and Students to create slide show Presentations. It was Released on April 20, 1987 and created in a software company named Forethought. The First version was introduced by Microsoft in 1990. 

Microsoft PowerPoint allows us to create professional-Looking Electronic Slide Shows. The Slides of a PowerPoint Presentation are set in series and then presented to a group of People, where each slide appears one after another. Slide Introductions and Transitions can be added to the Slides. Slide Transition is an enhancing effect of the slides which can be in the form of wipes, splits, dissolves etc. which we usually see in the film show. Transition from one slide to the next makes the presentation more beautiful, effective and interesting. Transition gives a beautiful look to our presentation.  To Create Slides, a Series of Templates are used to provide the user with the pre-defined layouts for different purposes. Slides can be interlinked with the Internet and we can make hyperlink for the selected slide.

Once the theme that will be used in the presentation is set by defining a standard font, background color, and layout, that slide is saved as “master slide”. We can add a lot of elements to the Presentation Slide such as Tables, Graphs, Media clips, Charts, Videos, Photographs and Clipart etc. All these elements are used to enhance Presentation skills and make the slides more interactive. To embed the images from the books, newspapers and any photographs, we will have to scan them using scanner. A scanner can scan an image and can store it in various formats and the scanned image can be edited in various ways.  There are multiple features in Microsoft PowerPoint which can customize and optimise a Presentation such as Slide layout, Animations etc. WordArt is a useful tool to enhance the presentation. PowerPoint provides WordArt Gallery which can format text in a number of styles. PowerPoint enables presenters to display the major points about which they are talking while giving the Presentation which keeps the presenter on track and audience focused on the point. Timings can be rehearsed for slide show for each slide and slide show can be presented non-stop. When the set time expires, the next slide is automatically displayed. It is used for preparing quality overhead transparencies. Also various sound effects can be added in the slides. use office.com/setup to download powerpoint

New Presentations can also be created using  AutoContent Wizard. In this method, PowerPoint asks a series of questions to use and by responding them, we can prepare our slides. Presentations are available for general, corporate, projects, sales, marketing, personal and various other purposes. A presentation can be viewed in different ways. There are various options in View Menu and you can select any of the following views such as Normal View, Slide Sorter View, Note Page View, Slide Show View etc. 

PowerPoint allows users to share the presentation as an Email attachment too. Although we can attach the presentation from outside the program, the ability to send the emails directly from PowerPoint is quite convenient. Sometimes it is important to protect the presentation and ensure unauthorised audience does not get to view the slides. PowerPoint offers users the ability to protect the presentations. For this we need to enable the password protection option and keep our presentation password protected. Now the Readers will have to enter the password to open the file.

PowerPoint allows users to broadcast their presentations on the internet to worldwide audience. All we need to do is to share the link with our audience so that they can watch the presentation from anywhere. No special setup or charges are required to do this, all we need is a Windows Live Account.