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Different applications of the Microsoft Office suite

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Microsoft Word:

Microsoft word is the most elementary version of Office. It is a program used on most computers. It is practically available everywhere. It is found on every computer for example computer at school, and your home PC. Microsoft has other beneficial factors as it integrates with other Microsoft Office programs. For example, a spreadsheet created on Microsoft Excel can easily be pasted on a word document and worked on there. Similarly, a presentation created on Powerpoint can be further worked on Microsoft Word. This feature helps in easily working from one software to another saving our time without converting the document. Microsoft Words is the most convenient approach of creating documents, it is featured with instant help wherein it has an in-built feature of underlining the wrong spellings. This immediately allows us to correct our mistakes within the document itself and saves browsing time.

Microsoft Word lets us create a simple word document, letters, reports in the most styled and efficient manner where we can add colors, different styles of writing, highlights, clip arts, headings in different styles, and so on. 


Microsoft Word helps us to create charts, tables, web pages, reports, memos, agendas, calendars, cards, invitations, proposals, and many other tools used for professional purposes.

Microsoft Word is featured with many shortcuts which save our time and energy.

Microsoft Word helps us create a document and edit them later anytime anywhere.

The text in Microsoft Word can be bolded, highlighted, underlined, and italicized using tools that make the document look more impressive and professional. 

It is featured with different fonts, header, footer, and page numbers can also be included. 

Microsoft Word allows us to create simple documents effortlessly, reducing tedious work and monotony and increasing productivity thereby standardizing the work.

Latest version: Microsoft Word 2021 is the latest version that has come up with new features like co-authoring, updated draw tab, dark mode, new search box, etc which was not previously found in any version.

Microsoft Powerpoint:

Microsoft Powerpoint is another application of the suite that is mostly used to create presentations and graphics. To make our document, presentation more impressive and attractive, Microsoft Powerpoint is the best place to land on. It is used for personal and professional purposes. 

Microsoft Powerpoint uses Graphics, audio, videos to make the presentation more interesting and appealing. With evolving time and space, Microsoft Powerpoint also evolved in different versions and gives us the best results in every new version being more creative and interactive. 

Due to its significant features, it is used:

  • in classroom teaching making the learning process more interesting, 
  • in business advertisements 
  • in seminars with different styles giving a video impression
  • explaining an organizational structure.

Microsoft Powerpoint is characterized by various features like in-built themes that can be used for individual slides, design templates, font styles, background designs. This helps in displaying and delivering information most attractively.

The user can easily import the data from other Microsoft suites making the work more efficient. The newer versions of Powerpoint are loaded with amazing features making a drastic change from previous versions and styles. It allows users to save their presentations in different formats such as pictures(JPEG, GIF, etc), Videos(MP4), or text(PDF) without undergoing the separate process of conversion thus saving time and energy. It is user-friendly and people of all ages can access it. 

​​​​​Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is another Microsoft application that is used to analyze numerical data. It is basically a spreadsheet where one can record data in the form of tables. The spreadsheet consists of rows and columns forming cells, each cell consists of one piece of information. This way, finding a piece of information becomes easier. Microsoft Excel enables us to copy, paste, format the cells, modify the rows and columns, resize the rows and columns. One of the important features of Excel is that it easily calculates the data from any formula, hence it saves our time from long calculations. Microsoft Excel enables us to easily sort and fill the data whether it is about putting the names in alphabetical order or putting numbers in ascending/descending order. Microsoft Excel also allows us to customize our toolbar where we can put the tools we often use thus making it easier to work on the spreadsheet. 

UsesMicrosoft Excel can be used by all age groups, from students to teachers to big businessmen. 

  • Microsoft Excel is widely used in Business analysis projects.
  • Used in business management that keeps a record of the customers, clients, managers, employees, etc.
  • Used in office administration to enter and store key administrative data like the record of paying bills, contacting suppliers and clients, etc. 
  • Used in account management as it provides a simple way to maintain and share client information.
  • Excel can be used by teachers to maintain the attendance, records of students, maintaining scorecards. Teachers can even use Excel to convert the spreadsheet into a web page and share it with the students. This results in an efficient way of teaching. 
  • Microsoft Excel is available across all devices-Windows, macOS, Ios, Android making the work easier and efficient.

Other Microsoft applications are equally easy to use with a range of features that increase the efficiency of work, standardize the output, save time, improve the quality, enhance the work in every form, and the like. One has several options when choosing any software for any particular task and Microsoft office has not failed in achieving any of those tasks. It has been used for decades and is never outdated of its time.

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