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What is Microsoft Office 2021?

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The initial version of Microsoft contained only Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint. However, with evolving changes around the world, Microsoft Office has also been evolving with time and space with some shared common features. Each application in Microsoft serves a specific knowledge.

Microsoft has made our work process easier with day-to-day life. It has enabled incredible features that one needs with the evolving time. 

Features of Microsoft Office

Easy to use: Microsoft Office can be used for various purposes by all age groups. From a school student for a basic project to a big businessman for a grand project, all can use it easily. It simplifies the functions and increases productivity.

Common user interface: Learning one application of the suite lets you easily get acquainted with the features of other applications where you get to learn the operational basics of the other application. Hence making it user-friendly. However, the uniqueness in each application is maintained simultaneously. Features that are mostly similar consist of –Toolbars, Menus, Dialog Boxes, Customizable options. These form the foundational tools of each application.

Quick Access to other application:  Microsoft Office provides quick access via the short cut bar tools which is used for creating a new file based on templates, opening existing files, adding tasks, making appointments, switching between Microsoft applications, etc.

Sharing data across applications: Microsoft office provides ease in sharing data between applications with a simple click by:

Copying from the source application to the target application.

Linking from the source document to the target document while saving it on the source document.

Microsoft office also extends data sharing beyond application integration. Users can mail documents, presentations, etc from within the source application.

Sharing files as URL: Sharing large files at a time has now become easier with Microsoft office which saves a large amount of time as the uploading time is curtailed with this feature. Sharing large files can easily be done via private URLs where these files will be automatically converted to a link and the recipient can easily open and download.

Smart lookup: This feature enables us to look up a word inside Microsoft without opening the browser or looking it up into a dictionary thereby saving time and energy and making the work more efficient.

Versioning and re-versioning: Sometimes we accidentally delete our document or change the format. In this case, we don’t need to form a new document but the enabling feature of  Microsoft helps us revert the document to a previous version with simple clicks. This is an improved feature of Microsoft that is most needed.

Provides a common language: Microsoft office provides a common language for all the applications making it convenient.

Working anywhere from any device: Microsoft office has made it easier to work from anywhere from any device turning it into universal software. Even if we have forgotten our device somewhere, we can still get back to our work on cloud files from where we have stopped and resume on any other device or internet-connected computer. 

Security: Who would like to put their security at stake? Security is a grave concern for people and in this digital world where cybercriminals can invade from anywhere. In this case, Microsoft claims to have its back.  It has taken the responsibility of keeping the data and information safe and secure. It is one of the safest cloud services around.

Types of Microsoft Office:

Since Microsoft Office is a leading platform worldwide, with the growing years Microsoft office has grown substantially, each evolved with several features. The various types of Microsoft Office are:

Microsoft Word​​​

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Power-point​​

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Publisher​​

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Outlook​​Skype for Business.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is the most basic version of Office. It is a program used on most computers. It is practically available everywhere. It is found on every computer for example computer at school, and your home PC. Microsoft has other beneficial factors as it integrates with other Microsoft Office programs. For example, a spreadsheet created on Microsoft Excel can easily be pasted on a word document and worked on there. Similarly, a presentation created on Powerpoint can be further worked on Microsoft Word. This feature helps in easily working from one software to another saving our time without converting the document. Microsoft Words is the most convenient way of creating documents, it is featured with instant help wherein it has an in-built feature of underlining the wrong spellings. This immediately allows us to correct our mistakes in the document itself.

Microsoft Word lets us create a simple word document, letters, reports in the most styled and efficient manner where we can add colors, different styles of writing, highlights, clip arts, headings in different styles, and so on. 

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